How Will You Make the World a Better Place?

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By Sandra Long Weaver Tribune Editorial Director I was lying across my bed listening to music on my white transistor radio when the DJ broke in with the news of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. nearly 53 years ago. I couldn’t believe it! I was 15 and Dr. King was a hero. How could this be? Just the night before, I had watched him give his speech from Tennessee Tribune Editorial Director Sandra Long Weaver Memphis about going to the mountaintop. “I may not get there with you,” he told the crowd. And he didn’t. But he was supposed to lead all of us there.  I quickly ran downstairs see if it was on TV. My mother said it was true. He was a good man, she said. And now there were riots in some cities. People were angry about his violent death. I got on the rotary phone with my friends and started talking about what all of this meant. Why did this happen? We talked about it in school the next day too but no one had answers. But everyone was upset. What could we do? We  didn’t want to be involved in the looting...