‘I Declined It’: Black Woman ‘Disrespected’ By Offer of Free Drink and a Sandwich by Starbucks Manager Defending Barista Who Wrote ‘Monkey’ on Her Frap Cup

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A Black Maryland woman ordered a drink from a local coffee franchise, and, to her surprise, on the order slip her name was replaced with the word “monkey.”  Since the incident has been made public, the woman said she is “traumatized,” noting that supporters of the barista have been harassing her at work, emailing her boss about her complaining about the seemingly racially motivated diss. Monique Pugh (right) wants Starbucks to take more responsibility for Barista mishap. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images/WJZ Screengrab) On Saturday, Nov. 19, Monique Pugh went to an Annapolis Starbucks location to pick up a venti caramel Frappuccino order she made on the company’s app. Following the typical pick-up protocol at Starbucks, she approached the counter and spoke to the barista. She, in turn, asked her to give her name. “The lady at the register asked my name and I told her, and that was it,” she said.& While waiting for the drink, she heard customers being called by their names to pick up their orders. She never heard her name called. She sees, according to an interview with Today.com, a barista holding her drink and acting “weird.” “I can see from a distance,...