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Coco Austin is getting loads of support after sharing her heart on the Tamron Hall Show. The celebrity mom discussed the scrutiny she has received since welcoming her daughter six years ago. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tamron Hall (@tamronhall) Coco was brought to tears after watching a video clip of her husband, Ice-T. He highlighted her dedication as a mom, which caused her to become emotional. “As a mother, you don’t hear that much,” Coco said of her husband’s praise. “You don’t hear that much from everybody,” the celebrity mom added. “I have the whole word and I’m underneath the microscope all the time,” Coco said of the public’s scrutiny. “You don’t hear what good you do,” Austin told Tamron Hall. “You don’t hear the goodness. You just hear all the bad.” Coco Austin has been under the radar since welcoming her and Ice-T’s daughter. Many have criticized Coco’s unconventional approach to motherhood, which has included nursing her daughter beyond the toddler years and allowing Chanel to have acrylic nails for her first day of school. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Coco (@coco) “I know I’m a good mother because I’ve...