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inKIND Hospitality Announces $250 Million Commitment to Support Minority- Owned and Underrepresented Restaurant Operators 

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inKind—the innovative restaurant fintech startup with more than 700 restaurants in its expanding national network—held its inaugural Equity Eats Summit last week at its headquarters in Austin, TX, during which they announced their $250 million commitment to fund underrepresented independent restaurant operators by 2025. This commitment will help to ensure that under-resourced restaurants, which traditionally face significant hurdles to obtain the funding necessary to start or expand their businesses, receive access to much-needed capital. This fund will help level the playing field in an industry in which adequate resources are essential in order to be competitive. “We created this funding platform to advance systemic change,” said inKind CEO Johann Moonesinghe. “While inKind has a proven track record of supporting underserved restaurant operators, there is more we can do to create pathways to financial sustainability, especially around property ownership.” In addition to providing vital funding, inKind is also establishing a complementary programmatic component: the Restaurant Operators Alliance. Instead of a funding-only model, inKind recognizes the need to galvanize capital with resources like training, marketing support, and mentorship. Moonesinghe continues, “We are committed to mobilizing resources and welcoming partners in our mission. The Alliance will establish a support structure including access to...