Invest Black – when government is us

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Charlie Walker, a lifelong advocate for Black contractors and other entrepreneurs, inspired the crowd on July 24, when the steps of City Hall came to life with a masked and physically distanced rally urging San Franciscans to “invest Black” by passing Props 16 and 17 in November. Prop 16 will overturn Prop 209, passed in 1995, that ended affirmative action and led to the lockout of Black contractors and workers from working construction for the past 24 long years. Many of the parolees who will be allowed to vote under Prop 17 have construction skills they can use to support their families again. – Photo: Johnnie Burrell by Lin Robertson Perhaps the biggest takeaway about Prop 16 and Prop 17 during the rally held in front of San Francisco’s City Hall on Friday, July 24, is that we are taking ownership of our fate and demanding systemic change. While Prop 16 calls for Afro and Latino Americans to have a fair shot at a level playing field that gives us good jobs and profitable contracts especially in the public sector, Prop 17 demands that if you’ve already paid your dues in the criminal justice system, you should also have a...