‘It’s a Warning All Day’: Tampa Police Chief Who Dodged Ticket After Flashing Badge Has Resigned, But Sherriff Claims His Deputy Did Not ‘Give a Favor’

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The former Tampa police chief has resigned from her post after a video emerged showing her abusing her power as a member of law enforcement. The resignation comes after the city launched an investigation into her flashing her badge at a deputy, in a different county, with the hopes of getting out of a traffic ticket. Former Tampa police chief Mary O’Connor flashes badge to dodge ticket (Dascham Screengrab) On Friday, Dec. 2, Tampa mayor Jane Castor placed Tampa Police Department chief Mary O’Connor on leave until an investigation into a golf cart incident in Oldsmar, Florida (outside of her governance) on Nov. 12 could be completed. After being placed on administrative leave, according to WFLA, O’Connor submitted her resignation. The Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy flagged the vehicle for not having tags. In an effort to get her husband, who was driving out of a traffic ticket, the chief flashed her badge at a local officer. On the footage, O’Connor asks, “Is your camera on? I’m the police chief in Tampa,” before pulling out her brass. She then states, “I’m hoping that you’ll just let us go tonight.” The deputy immediately says “Alright folks, have a good night” before granting...