‘It’s Just Sitting on Her Head’: Fans Can’t Help But Notice LisaRaye Traded In Her Good Wig for a Bad One In New Series

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LisaRaye McCoy showed a quick preview of what fans can expect on the second episode of the ALLBLK’s soap opera series “A House Divided,” where she plays Alexis. While McCoy’s acting seemed rather intense, it looked like the only thing fans mentioned was her hairstyle.  The 55-year-old actress was seen rocking an all-black straight wig, but fans suggested that “A House Divided” should put more of their dollars towards hair maintenance.  LisaRaye McCoy stars in the ALLBLK series, “A House Divided.” (Photo: @thereallraye1/Instagram.) “Love Lisa… production please put some money in the wig department… it’s just sitting on her head.. Geez”“Horrible wig they cut the lace wrong and it needs plucking.”Though McCoy’s comment section had a few unwanted assessments, the majority of her comments were filled with people who couldn’t wait to watch the Emmy-nominated show.  “Can’t wait to watch this show.”“Great acting!”  McCoy’s acting ability recently came into question after fans inquired as to why she wasn’t as big as they believed she should be. Many fans blamed McCoy’s lack of recognition on her inability to believably convey emotions.  Nevertheless, fans seemed to be able to agree on one thing, and that’s the actress’s undeniable beauty. With every post...