It's Not Too Late to Take a Family Vacation


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In Duck, NC& with my baby& Awhile ago, Time magazine ran a story, entitled, "Who Killed Summer Vacation", that's really disturbing for working moms. It's proven that workers are working harder. They have longer hours and more responsibilities. And what children needs hasn't changed. They require food, shelter, and time. The competing demands of work and children fuels feelings of guilt on the part of many working moms. And many of us are stressed out about it.Family vacations make for the best vacation photos!& Paid Time Off Is Not Just For LaundryI've written about how to better manage working and motherhood on a daily basis to minimize the stress and maximize the joy. I'll be writing more about that. So, stay tuned. That said, since summer is upon us, I'd like to encourage all of you to take a vacation. Vacations are a time to refresh your soul and reconnect with your family. I recognize that when you have kids, going on vacation can seem like too much work. By the time you pack, travel, unpack, and take care of them someplace else, vacation is a lot of work!My kids with& Funcle& ("Fun Uncle")If you're looking to tips to streamline...