It’s on you, white America

Black Local and National News

by BA 20 Views

The insurrection at the Capitol is as American as apple pie. I know many in white America have a hard time believing this, often stating the common refrain, “this isn’t who we are,” or “we are better than this.” Black people can tell you this has always been America. I’ve been saying for a long time it’s time to take the blinders off and be honest about America. Violence is the very foundation of America. It’s sugarcoated and celebrated as righteous. The Boston Massacre and the American Revolution are heralded events in America’s history. Tea smugglers John Hancock and Samuel Adams are celebrated as patriots. Nat Turner isn’t viewed as freedom fighter but a crazed man hellbent on killing white people. Violent uprisings by white people are viewed as a justified means to an end and these moments were needed to gain the freedoms Americans enjoy today. Policing and controlling Black bodies is also as American as apple pie. Black people realized in order to gain favor with white people, we had to let them beat us, hose us and sic dogs on us. Any time Black people exert what America says is our right to protest, we’re met with...