Ja Morant Responds to Fans Saying He is a Fake Thug Who Lived in Suburbs

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For some odd reason, lots of fans don’t like the way Grizzlies star Ja Morant talks on social media. The most recent example comes after he and Draymond Green got into a competitive Twitter exchange after the Warriors won the title and Ja said he and the Grizzlies would pull up on the Warriors block for a Christmas Day game.They think it’s too “hood” or “thuggish” for him. Especially since he didn’t grow up in the worst neighborhoods or got it out the mud like they think he should have if he wants to talk like that. Also because he is basically Papa Doc from 8-Mile.Papa Doc first appears at the start of the movie, rap battling “Shorty Mike” at the shelter, with The Leaders of the Free World supporting him. He defeats “Shorty Mike” and wins the tournament.