Jackhammers, crushed armadillos in Dallas, and pot roast again!

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Ravinia (Guinea Bennet Price) drifts sullenly around the living room she shares with Good Latimer (Jamal Sterling), her partner of 35 years, then plops on the sofa and reads her book silently.  He’s chipper, per usual, dealing a little playful blackjack on the ironing board set up to iron his tux shirts. Good even brings in the pot roast Ravinia put on earlier and tries to make small talk.  Nothing. At last, he takes a deep breath and says, “I’m sorry, Rav.” “For what?” she asks. “Hell if I know. It must be somethin’ I done,” he responds helplessly. The whole audience laughs together. The huffs and hoozahs of the middle-aged couple at the center of Angela Hanks’ Good Latimer, in its premiere production at Kitchen Dog Theater, are so familiar to all who have lived with another person for any length of time, that we empathize with their pain and at the same time we laugh at the struggle they’re going through. It’s not a total surprise when Ravinia eventually announces that she just woke up with one certainty: she doesn’t love Good anymore. During the 110-minute play, we learn what led to Ravinia’s sudden declaration, witness Good’s valiant...