Jay Cutler Exposed For ‘Hooking Up’ With His Good Friend’s Wife While He Was on Vacation With The Couple And Their Children

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Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler has been exposed for allegedly hooking up with his good friend’s wife while on vacation with the couple and their kids. Some men can go the extra mile when it comes to having s*xual relations with other men’s wives and Jay is probably one of those men. Hooking up with your pal’s wife? That’s a big NO for me! Radar Online has got the juice;Jay Cutler had some explaining to do after his alleged affair with his good pal’s wife was exposed. The 39-year-old former NFL quarterback was reportedly caught “hooking up” with his buddy’s wife while on vacation with the couple and their children.According to InTouch Weekly, Cutler’s friend was “pissed off” when he discovered the retired athlete had been having an affair with his wife.“Jay went on vacation with his kids and his friend and his wife and their kids,” an insider told the outlet. “The husband and Jay are good friends and also neighbors. Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was hooking up with his wife.”