Juneteenth 2020: Let’s adopt the mantra of Black unity and Black love

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by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

“If you do not understand white supremacy (racism) – what it is and how it works – everything else that you understand will only confuse you.” – Neely Fuller Jr. (1971)

“Showing LOVE should not be restricted to family members or romantic or sexual partners. LOVE should not be restricted to blood relations. LOVE is showing KINDNESS AND COURTESY OPENLY AND PUBLICLY to all Black people – even strangers – so our Black children will learn it is normal and desirable for Black Men and Black Women to respect and care about each other.” – “Black Love Is a Revolutionary Act” by Umoja, page 394

Peace and blessings, sisters and brothers,

If the COVID-19 pandemic did anything in Amerika to Black and oppressed people, it most certainly got our attention and demanded that we become AWARE. Aware of the fact that the legacy of slavery and the systems of oppression that brought it about are still having tragic effects on our lives and our livelihoods.

At first, I had intended on...