Kanye on If He Bought a House Next to Kim Kardashian to Spy on Pete Davidson or To Be Close to His Kids

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It is understandable that people would think Kanye might want a house close to Kim Kardashian so he can see if Peter Davidson is over there a lot. It was just released that Kanye dissed Davidson in a track threatening to beat his ass.With that being said, Kanye explains why he did it to Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked and it makes a lot of logical sense if you think about it.In a sit-down interview with Jason Lee from the new Hollywood Unlocked Studios in Los Angeles, Kanye West gets candid about his recent encounter with a “fan” as well as a disagreement with his cousin that was viewed as another “meltdown,” and some of the obstacles he’s been facing while co-parenting with Kim Kardashian amid their ongoing divorce.