Kanye West Upset That Drake Dated Julia Fox Before Him and She Liked Drake Better

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Initially, I thought Kanye was using Julia Fox to make Kim Kardashian jealous. While that is still likely true, Fox knows exactly what is going on but uses the situation to her advantage. Kanye West is one of the most famous people on the planet who has access to things that even a well-known actress like Fox doesn’t have access to.I would venture to say more people have talked about Fox more in January than her entire life up to this point.This is amazing press for her, and even when it eventually fizzled out, she would have gotten what she wanted out of it.With Drake, she actually liked him as a person because this is the first time we ever hear about that relationship, and Yeezy is pissed off.Sources say Fox, 31, has told West, 44, about her “Hotline Fling” with his rival Drake — who showered her with gifts including two Birkin bags — and that Ye is not thrilled about it.