‘Keep His Wife’s Name Out Your Mouth’: Fans Warn DJ Funkmaster Flex After He Calls Out Jada Pinkett Smith for Being ‘The Worst Kind of Woman’

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The Jada Pinkett Smith hate train is still moving full-speed ahead as she continues to be criticized for speaking out about her late friend Tupac Shakur. New York DJ Funkmaster Flex recently took aim at the actress regarding her reaction to the arrest of a man accused of being connected to the rapper’s death. The years of secrecy and mystery surrounding the Death Row Records star’s passing may be nearing an end now that “Keefe D” Davis, a well-known South Side Compton Crips street gang member and alleged witness to the rapper’s fatal shooting, is in police custody. He was apprehended on Sept. 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and charged with murder for his alleged role in orchestrating the killing. Trending Today: ‘She’s Gotta Mature at Some Point’: Fans& Call Out& Tiffany Haddish’s ‘Cringe’ Behavior After She Throws It Back& on Meek Mill at Jay-Z’s Party ‘If We Get Married, They Don’t Come First’: After& Two Divorces, LeToya& Luckett Says Her Next Husband& Should Come Before the Kids ‘Please Cancel Her Already’: Critics Drag Bobbi Althoff for& Looking ‘Down’ on Black Culture Amid Outrage Over& Her Unbothered Demeanor Around& Black Celebrities Davis has publicly stated on numerous occasions that he...