Kim Kardashian on If She Cheated on Kanye West With Chris Paul After Ye Said He Caught Them in Bed

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BSO was the first to report that Kanye West accused his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian of cheating with NBA superstar Chris Paul before he was banned from Twitter.This is an insane accusation from Kanye West.He claims he caught Kim Kardashian with Chris Paul. It should be noted that Chris Paul has been married since 2011 to his college sweetheart Jada.Kanye didn’t say what he caught Kim and Chris Paul doing, but he heavily implied that they weren’t just talking. Kanye has been in the news lately for his thoughts on Nazis and Hitler.While CP3 hasn’t addressed the rumor, Kim’s people are in full damage control mode and have spoken to TMZ.A source close to the situation tells us the allegation is absolutely false, and just another example of a desperate man trying to shift the focus away from his own wrongdoings.