Knoxville Area Urban League Receives $10K Housing Grant

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KNOXVILLE, TN — The Knoxville Area Urban League has been awarded a grant in support of housing stability programs by Bank of America.& The $10,000 grant will support the Knoxville Area Urban League’s housing programs that educate families on the processes of purchasing a home and provides counseling to help clients keep their homes.& “Bank of America continues to be a valued partner, supporting much-needed housing programs offered by our organization,” said Phyllis Y. Nichols, president and CEO of the Knoxville Area Urban League. “We sincerely appreciate this generous grant that will support housing stability programs to help Knoxville residents find or keep their homes.” Lina Kornmyer Lina Kornmeyer, market executive for Bank of America Knoxville, said, “The Knoxville Area Urban League has been empowering our local community for decades. Bank of America is proud to support such a wonderful organization with this grant, and through our continued partnership, strengthen the neighborhoods in which we live, work and serve. Thank you, Knoxville Area Urban League for your steadfast commitment to housing stability in Knoxville.” For 50 years, the Knoxville Area Urban League has been certified as a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing counseling agency. Housing stability...