Knoxville Preschool Teacher Quits Job Due to Racial Harassment

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By& Mary Klingler KNOXVILLE, TN —& A Knoxville preschool teacher resigned abruptly from his position at Little Oaks Academy. He said he made the decision after he suffered racial harassment by another staff member during the training of a new teacher. Teachers across the board have had a tough go this year, but for teacher Carl Gillette, the emotional strain sinks deeper than just the pandemic. “I’m heartbroken. Who wants to leave like that? No one wants to leave like that,” Gillette said. “Especially not saying goodbye to the children who I truly love.” Gillette said Thursday a new teacher at Little Oaks was assigned to shadow him in the classroom for the day. Things were going well, he said, until she started talking to him about race.& “That kind of took me for a surprise because I was like, ‘Wait you know I’m Black, right? You are talking to an African American man who you’re addressing this to and you’re stating this to me that you don’t like Blacks,’” he said. He said he immediately went to the office to talk to management. Specifically, the director.& “She sat there, my director, and made light of the situation, told me...