Lala Anthony on Divorcing Carmelo Anthony After He Allegedly Had Twins and Sent Them to The UK to Hide

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According to LaLa, she and Carmelo never recovered from when Melo had a baby with Mia Burks. That was years ago. It was reported many times since then that they had gotten back together. There have been some bumpy times since then. There was the time that Carmelo Anthony was looking real cozy with a young lady on a yacht that he said was just a business associate. The straw that appears broke the camel’s back was when Lee Daniels’ niece claimed that Carmelo got her pregnant with twins and sent them off to the UK.While she admits that she’s no angel, she says she honestly didn’t feel bad about seeing Carmelo because she alleges that she also knows “who’s f*cking LaLa too!” Aside from that, in September, the woman found out she was pregnant with twins!