Lamar Odom Ordered to Pay $400k in Back Child Support For His Grown Kids and Get a $1 Million Life Insurance Policy That Pays Out to His Baby Mama Liza Morales

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Lamar Odom needs better lawyers. No way you should have to pay almost a half-million in child support for grown children and then be forced to get life insurance that pays out to someone you aren’t even with.That is wild.On July 20th, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper subsequently ordered Lamar Odom to pay Liza Morales $380,549 in child support, back rent, college tuition, and her legal fees associated with the case. The details of the order became public yesterday (July 29th).He also has until the end of the day today (July 30th) to purchase a life insurance policy valued at $1 million with Morales as the beneficiary.