LeBron on Why He Had Two Pacers Fans Ejected From Game

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If you come for the King, you best not miss. LeBron has been in the league for so long that all he has to do is give the world, and you will get kicked out of your courtside seats.Now granted courtside at a Pacers game isn’t the same as a Lakers game, but it still costs a few dollars.LeBron explained what happened and why he immediately had the ref and security escort them two fans out.In the video, you can hear a fuming LeBron say “right f***ing here” and pointing directly at the fans.Shortly after, they were being escorted out of the arena by security … with the female fan getting one last jab in at Bron by making an animated crying gesture towards him.Eventually, the game was resumed and the Lakers held on for the win, 124-116.