Let the People be Heard: Black HS students’ experiences in AP courses

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There is evidence that shows Black high school students experience very real barriers to accessing advanced placement courses—high school classes that allow students to receive college credits and/or better college preparation (theoretically) than standard high school courses. The Defender put out the call to receive actual stories from you—THE PEOPLE—about your experiences and parents, teachers and students regarding this issue. Here is what you had to say: Upon entering high school in rural GA, my daughter’s counselor was discouraging her from signing up for AP courses. Her exact words, “AP courses require a lot of time and are difficult. Are you prepared to pass the class?” I had a smirk with my response; “Ma’am, she’s coming into high school with high school credits. We are sure she can handle the course load.” She found that in the AP courses, very few Black students were enrolled and she only had one Black teacher. We also learned that if you didn’t score at level 3 for the AP course test despite her high grade, she wouldn’t receive college credit for the course. After a couple of AP courses, we decided to no longer take the AP tests. She has taken a total...