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In some respects, we are all bound in struggle by the oppressive and genocidal practices of colonial-settler capitalist, imperialist, white patriarchal pathology, but none so like the prisoner class. And those of us who remain non-compliant, complicit or cowed are bound in revolutionary love and a higher power, making our movement toward abolition boundless and therefore unstoppable. – Artist unknown by Editor Nube Brown& Greetings of love and light to all of you behind enemy lines, This will be a heartfelt and unconventional missive as I have received such extraordinary gestures of love, support, uplift and respect from many of you regarding the November article about the ‘rock star informant’ for which I must acknowledge you – so I beg your indulgence in my desire to do so, as it will continue as long as I and the Bay View receive such letters. I will not use any names here for safety and privacy reasons and these are only excerpts from mail that has been received – considering what’s taking place within California’s prisons (see below) it’s possible your mail hasn’t arrived, not that it hasn’t been acknowledged.& I also wish to make it absolutely clear upfront that my support,...