Library of Congress Changes Subject Heading of the Tulsa Race Riot to the Tulsa Race Massacre


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One hundred years ago, after the arrest of a Black man who was accused of assaulting a White teenage girl in Tulsa, Oklahoma,, rumors spread through the city that the man would be lynched. A group of armed Black men went to the city jail to prevent a lynching. A confrontation between White and Black groups ensued. After the initial incident, a large group of armed Whites destroyed the Greenwood neighborhood of the city, which was known as Black Wall Street. Incendiary devices were dropped on the neighborhood by occupants of private airplanes. More than 10,000 African Americans were left homeless and some estimates place the death toll as high as 300.For many years, this event was called the Tulsa Race Riot, which gives the implication that African Americans were the perpetrators of much of the violence. But most historians now agree that a more accurate description of the events that occurred in 1921 is the Tulsa Race Massacre.The Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Change Proposal Task Force, a group of university libraries information professionals concerned with historically accurate and culturally appropriate naming processes, submitted a proposal to the Library of Congress last year to change the official subject...