Lil Baby Says Saweetie Hasn’t Agreed to Date Him Even After $100k Shopping Spree

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Rapper Lil Baby has reacted to rumors that he’s dating Guavo’s ex-girlfriend Saweetie and also dropping $100K on her at a Chanel store. Via HollywoodUnlocked:“The source exclusively shared that rap star Lil Baby and Saweetie recently went shopping together in New York where he spent nearly $100K on the “Tap In” artist! Now, while this may sound like a shock to some fans since Saweetie has a bag of her own and previously denied a similar story involving NBA star James Harden, the source shared that there is actual security footage from the store that shows Baby and Saweetie shopping together in the Chanel store. To note, Saweetie had been in NY for her big SNL gig and it appears that she stayed a couple of more days as she also hit the stage over the weekend for Powerhouse in New Jersey, where Lil Baby also performed