Luwero pastors accuse Pr. Ssenyonga of conning them billions in “Bye Bye Biwempe” campaign


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By Reporter Pastors in Luwero ate crying foul and accusing fellow Pastor Ssenyonga of collecting monies in a campaign dubbed “Bye Bye Biwempe” where he was to build churches for them. The pastors on Monday released a press statement and is published as is below. LUWERO PASTORS GROUND GROUP 19th April 2021 & PRESS RELEASE & RE: PASTOR SSENYONGA AND OTHER PASTORS UNFAIRNESS TOWARDS VILLAGE PASTORS. We the pastors from Greater Luwero wish to express our concern towards some pastors from Kampala notably Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church Bwaise who have made it a habit to use us for their personal gains as opposed to God’s work and all our wellbeing. & Their action has left us depressed and disowned by our leaders who would otherwise serve as examples. & In the year 2005 we saw the start of the programme “Bye bye Biwempe”, where Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga made a countrywide reach out cry to all pastors. He claimed to have gotten a revelation from God to lead and build for us iron roofed churches to do away with all papyrus churches where he named the exercise “Bye bye Biwempe”. The conference was held at Nakivubo Stadium. In...