Lydia Jazmine Accepts MC Ibrah’s Apology


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By BigEyeUg Team Songbird Lydia Nabawanuka alias Lydia Jazmine has finally consented to prominent media personality, Ibrah.K.Mukasa’s apologies after his malicious dirt to her name. The ‘Wankolera’ singer has taken time and penned a heart-warming message to MC Ibrah, in reply to his written and broadcasted apologies earlier this week. In her words, Jazmine rhymes with the saying that; “To forgive is divine. The weak can never forgive because forgiveness is an attribute for the strong and forgiveness isn’t approving what happened, it’s choosing to rise above it.” Lydia thanks her fans for their consistency in standing with her throughout this scandal. Lydia Jazmine Jazmine asks them to let go and forgive MC Ibrah, taking God as the best answer to this. She also reveals how Ibrah’s unpleasant words in relation to her yet unborn children have stubbed her strongly into deep frustration. The singer notes that she deserves respect as a woman who is already looking after many children and with a dream of bearing her own sometime to come. She further requests Ibrah to keep his promises of never uttering such insults to any body else in his life. MC Ibrah Read Jazmine’s letter; To Mc IbraTo forgive...