Managing Working Mom Guilt in The Summer


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Mom and kids making crazy faces on a summer dayA song from the Broadway hit Porgy and Bess begins with these words, "[s]ummertime and the livin' is easy..." I think that sentiment reflects an ideal as opposed to a reality, especially for working moms this year.We can all agree that last year was crazy! COVID19 chaos caused our kids to learn in front of computer screens, us to work and educate our kids simultaneously, and many extra-curricular activities for children were cancelled or conducted virtually. For that reason, many kids suffered claustrophobia and major cabin fever. Now, summer is here and they are ready to get outside. However, if you're reading this, you are a working mom and have work to do. So, you may be wasting time feeling a little guilty about missing out on memories with your kiddos.Here's one piece of advice, ain't nobody got time for that!Here are four tips to manage your working mom guilt this summer.Instead of wasting time feeling guilty, use that energy to provide your kids with great summer memories--even if those memories are without you.& First Tip (Solicit Help): Here's what I have learned. While my kids love me and enjoy the...