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Mariah Carey dodged a question about her and Nick Cannon’s kids, Monroe and Moroccan, spending time with his other children. The ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ singer quickly changed the subject when Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight (ET) asked if her kids would spend time with their “step” siblings. “Is it step,” Mariah asked Kevin. “I don’t think it’s step if you’re not married to the person,” the veteran singer added. “That’s a different interview for you,” Carey concluded. Both Mariah and Kevin laughed off the moment. Many fans, however, noticed Mariah’s dodging of Kevin’s question. “When Kevin brought up Nick Cannon’s other kids my face went [into shock mode],” one fan said. “That was bold,” the Mariah Carey supporter shared. “This is the first time we have heard Mariah acknowledge those kids’ existence.” “Everyone always wondering how Mariah feels about Nick’s shenanigans,” the fan continued. “She cut that convo off gracefully.” Several social media followers agreed with one saying, “She quietly shut the mess down and threw shade as well it’s not ‘step’ because he didn’t marry them.” Mariah Carey is the only woman Nick Cannon married. The celebrities welcomed their twins on April 30, 2011. Nick...