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‘Martin’ Actor & Comedian Passes Away at 54

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PHOTO CREDIT: MEMNAR GRAYTON/FACEBOOK Sean Lampkin, who “Martin” fans best know as bar owner Nipsey, has passed away at 54. “My friend, my last roommate for 10 years, a father and family man, my brother, skate buddy, business partner, and trainer passed away this morning. RIP Sean Lampkin,” his friend, Marsel Watts wrote in a Facebook post making the heartbreaking announcement. No official cause of death has been announced, however, ESSENCE writer Memnar Grayton confirmed that the actor and comedian died in his sleep. “Sean gave us every morning the shining sun to lead his loved ones and friends down paths that are bright and clear of any danger. He gave us streams of love every day when we’re not feeling good, or we don’t seem to not want to do anything,” Grayton wrote. “But the thought of his loud laugh and adorable smile made you change any negative thoughts to positive ones,” Grayton added. “He’s that type of man. He gave us his time and effort to situations that he had no clue of, but was there to support us for the cause. He gave us his emotions when any family or friend needed sympathy or empathy for their...