Matthew Knowles, Anita Hawkins, David C. Williams and Many Others to be recognized at the ‘You Can Live Again’


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A Dallas-based empowerment organization for men and women seeking inspiration following life’s struggles – will present the You Can Live Again Expo and Awards Announcements at Edison’s on May 21st from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Spearheaded by YCLA Founder, award-winning philanthropist and House of Blues Gospel Brunch Emcee Kertrina Dauway, the highly anticipated event will feature power-packed sessions, star-studded panels, live entertainment, wellness activiations, vendor shopping, and more.   “My personal journey of healing and helping myself, was the catalyst to my abilities to then help others to manifest their purpose,” said You Can Live Again Founder Kertrina Dauway. “My goal is to let people know that no matter what they have done in life – whether it’s mistakes or distractions – that they can live again.”   You Can Live Again is not just an organization, but a movement. It began with its inaugural Brunch and Awards event held at the House of Blues, and thereafter the YCLA Gala in 2021 – and now continues with the YCLA Expo on May 21, 2022. In addition to the speakers, sessions and entertainment, the Expo and YCLA movement will celebrate individuals who are using their journey to impact others lives.   & The...