Matt’s Take – Bengals Fall to 0-2, Reds in a Tight Race

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By Matthew McAdow Herald Contributor The Cincinnati Bengals lost their second game of the season on Sunday and now find themselves in an early hole.& The Ravens squeezed out a 3 point victory and sure, the Bengals did look better than they did week one, but I am beginning to get worried.& With another tough matchup approaching next week on primetime television, the Bengals better turn it around fast if they want to be playing for a Super Bowl trophy come February. Positives Cincinnati was at least able to put up some points this week, including two Tee Higgins touchdowns. Charlie Jones showed off impressive speed in his punt return for 81 yards. The offensive line gave Burrow time throughout the day and looked way better than they did against Cleveland. There is a lot of football left and Cincinnati has been in this position before. Negatives Joe Burrow reinjured his leg yet again.  If we would have sat him the first two weeks to heal, we may have been 0-2, but he could be healthy right now.  Unfortunately, we now find ourselves at 0-2 with an injured quarterback. The defense gave up over 400 yards.  They struggled to make...