Mavericks give fans Mother’s Day Deja Vu


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Dorian Finney-Smith: Photo courtesy of Glenn James NBA/E via Getty Images By Byron Moten  The Dallas Mavericks evened up the series 2-2 in the second round of the NBA playoffs over the Phoenix Suns 111-101. Both team have now won on their home court respectively. Even more so giving the Mavericks an extra game to come back to Dallas and hopefully close out the series to reach the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2011. The Mavericks opened up the first quarter on fire from the 3 point line and never looked back. Pouring in a total of 20 three-pointers (45.5%). Which also matched the same total from another Mother’s Day playoff game where the finished off a sweep of LA heading to win that NBA title in 2011. Majority of the three-pointers came from Dorian Finney-Smith. Who scored a playoff career high of 24pts off 8 made three-pointers.  Also contributing big from the 3pt line was Davis Betrans (12pts 4-6 from 3pt) off the bench. Byron Moten. DW Sports contributor. All-Star Luka Doncic added in 26pts for the Mavs. For the last 2 games at home, he’s averaged 25+ points a game. But both of those have...