Maxine Waters leads reparations push for Black Tulsans enslaved by Native Americans

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by BA 52 Views - (Photo/Twitter) Much of the dispute between Black members of the Indigenous tribes and the federal government is part of a history that is now being exposed on Capitol Hill. Tulsa rose to national notoriety this year as the nation commemorated the century-old massacre that destroyed 40 blocks of Black wealth commonly known as Black Wall Street.But now, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California is leading efforts to get the descendants of Black enslaved people on Native American reservations their due, and she’s starting with those who have been impacted in Tulsa. Rep. Waters tells TheGrio that the Cherokee had 2,511 slaves (15% of the total population); The Choctaw had 2,349 slaves (14% of the total population); the Creek had 1,532 slaves (10% of the total population); the Chickasaw had 975 slaves (18% of the total); and the Seminole had 200 to 300 slaves.