Mayor Adams Fearmongering On Ghost Guns To Further Failed Policing Agenda

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(Photos: Twitter\YouTube) New York---The following is a statement from Monifa Bandele, member of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, on behalf of Communities United for Police Reform in response to Mayor Adams’ latest press antics seeking to excuse his administration’s commitment to investing in police over communities. This time ghost guns are his tool to scare New Yorkers. “The mayor is once again using scare tactics to push his agenda to invest in the NYPD instead of health care, education, and mental health services for New Yorkers. Guns on our streets are a very real problem, and we know that flooding our streets, parks and subways with police has done nothing to stop them. Instead of creating real and lasting solutions to gun violence, the mayor is scaring people with ghost guns and demanding allegiance to the police department as the only solution to gun violence.But New Yorkers are not buying what he is selling, and his tanking poll numbers show it. The police are not keeping us safe, and neither is this administration. The safest communities in New York City are not the ones flooded with police but are the ones most resourced.