Mayor De Blasio Is Soft-pedaling on NYPD Reforms--NY Black Lives Matter Says

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by BA 70 Views

In the wake of the George Floyd murder while the country was experiencing an uprising Black Lives Matter Greater New York negotiated with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office to have elements of our legislative package included in his “Say Their Names Act.” In addition to these elements the Governor's office demanded that Mayor Bill De Blasio convene a commission to “Re-Imagine” policing in New York City. Several weeks ago our organization released a statement demanding that the Mayor convene the commission composed of New York City grassroots activists, clergy, politicians, experts and the New York Police Department (NYPD). We had never agreed to an open discussion with the NYPD prior to that point. Monday, the Mayor's office convened the commission headed by the NYPD, the Robin Hood Foundation and the New York Urban League. With all due respect to these organizations they are not the ones who led the charge to force the impending changes. It was the Black Lives Matter activists in the streets being pepper-sprayed, tear gassed, beaten and arrested the last five years and particularly in the last five months who forced the changes. These organizations have working relationships with the Governor's office and the Mayor's office. They...