McDonald’s Worker Shot in Neck Over Cold French Fries Complaint Dies


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A McDonald’s employee has died after an angry customer shot him because his mother received cold fries, the New York City police department reported. Matthew Webb, 23, was initially declared brain dead by doctors but died Wednesday, authorities said. Police are now considering his death a homicide, NY1 reported. Michael Morgan, 20, will face homicide charges for the alleged Bedford-Stuyvesant shooting on Monday. The two men got into an argument about the French fries served to the suspected gunman’s mother, according to prosecutors, the New York Post reported. During Webb’s shift Monday evening, Morgan’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, was not satisfied with her cold fries and requested to talk to a manager. Rather than accommodate her, the employees began laughing at her. Fulmore FaceTimed Morgan, who showed up at the eatery and fought with Webb, ending up on the sidewalk, according to the Post. Prosecutors claim Morgan punched Webb in the face and then shot him in the neck. Morgan’s mother confessed to police that her son said, “He gotta do what he gotta do.” Morgan’s girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, will also face charges for weapons possession for allegedly handing Morgan the gun. She appeared in court Wednesday and is being held...