Mexican Crispy Hashbrown Haystacks


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You won’t believe how a bag of frozen shredded Hashbrowns can be transformed into these Mexican Crispy Hashbrown Haystacks! Top them with salsa, bacon, avocado, and sour cream. 


I have never heard of Breakfast Haystacks until recently. Although I wish I could take complete credit for this remarkable recipe, I can’t. Because like you, I don’t have much to do these days while staying at home, I was browsing through some old food magazines and I came across a Tex Mex Haystacks Recipe provided by Taste of Home. Never heard of them, never had them, but by the look of the ingredients and the beautiful photo, I just had to try it out. 

I immediately understood why they call these beauties “haystacks”. Don’t you? Well if you look at the hashbrown bottom you will see that it looks like a stack of hay! Get it?! The beauty of this recipe, like many of my recipes, is...