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A tale of two murders I’ve been following the tragic story of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old woman who died mysteriously during a trip to Mexico with her friends. I saw the video of her being beaten up by a so-called friend. (You can read all the details about this story on Page 4). This story is heartbreaking, especially for her family in desperate need of answers. I’m a news junkie so I watched CNN and MSNBC (sorry, I can’t do Fox for more than 3 minutes) waiting on more on this story. It didn’t come. What did come was 17 stories on four college students killed in Idaho. Don’t get me wrong, all murders are tragic, but why does one warrant a story, with reporters, interviews, analysts every hour and the other can’t even get a kicker slot (that’s those 15 second stories they run at the end of the newscast). One guess. Ding, ding, ding. Because the victims in the Idaho story are white and Shanquella is Black. If we’re always hearing “All lives matter,” why can’t Shanquella’s family get as much media coverage as those Idaho college students? As a member of the media, and former employee of...