Millennial star Ivan Beau takes gospel music by storm


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By Reporter Fast rising Gospel musician Ivan Beau is taking gospel music to another level, so that it can reach out to many communities with a message that is able to transform people’s lives for the better worldwide. & Ivan Beau received a calling to reach people through music that inspires, teaches, motivates and touches people’s lives in a positive way. Ivan Beau is due to release a highly anticipated music video in coming months. He describes his single “ Wave of blessings” which is accompanied with good visuals, as God’s message to the people that God answers our prayers. Currently, Ivan Beau is the only solo fast rising artist most talked about in the gospel music world. We tracked him down. Read all about him. & Who is Ivan Beau? Ivan Beau is an artist who loves spreading positivity and good energy through his music. I am the youngest of three. My parents were hard workers and always taught my siblings and I to pursuit our dreams.& How has your family been supportive of your music career? They always pushed and supported my dreams through words of affirmation. They allowed me to participate in anything music related. They were...