MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says Lindsey Graham Chauffeuring Herschel Walker Proves GOP Lacks Respect for Black Men

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MSNBC host Joy Reid is not a fan of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker‘s campaign surrogates appearing with him, claiming it proves Republicans don’t respect Black men. Mediaite reported that Walker has been making the rounds to give his final pitch to Peach State voters before Tuesday’s Georgia Senate runoff. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has sat alongside Walker during most of those appearances, which Reid and Democratic strategist LaTosha Brown find “insulting.” “Black people are upset,” Brown said, according to Mediaite. “They feel insulted. They feel insulted that here the Republicans would actually pick a candidate and because he was a ballplayer, that in some way, and if they planted this narrative that Black men were not going to vote and are upset with the Democratic Party, that those two things would be enough for us to be fooled.” Brown added Black voters are too “sophisticated” to be wowed by a former athlete, adding that Walker’s campaign is “racist,” which Reid responded to by saying Graham is “walking” the former running back around. “I have heard this from a lot of Black men even if they’re not in Georgia,” Reid said. “There’s a certain disrespect that a lot of...