Murdering The Messenger: Five Years Later Still No Accountability For Jamal Khashoggi’s Assassination

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Photos: YouTube Screenshots Jamal Khashoggi’s fame suddenly rose like meteors, not because he won the lottery, a Nobel Prize, a Pulitzer or any of those coveted prizes, but for the gruesome manner his body was decapitated in the Turkish consulate by agents of the Saudi government on the orders of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, as alleged. Today, October 2nd, makes it five years since that blood-curdling murder, and his body, still not found. A columnist for the Middle East Eye and The Washington Post, Mr. Khashoggi had fled Saudi Arabia in 2017, having been banned from writing, an act he likened to being like “a fish out of water.” His visit to Turkey in the week leading to his murder had been to marry his fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, and having booked an appointment with the Saudi consulate in that country to obtain some documents pertaining to his marriage, the murder plot suddenly began, and the scheming, intrigues, conspiracies and evil machinations laid out. When the gentleman walked into the consulate for the appointment on October 2nd 2018 as agreed, he was ambushed and strangled by the 15-man killer squad flown all the way from Saudi Arabia a day earlier....