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My 9-year-old loves Ja Morant (I kinda wish he didn’t)

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By John Celestand, Word in Black My 9-year-old son’s favorite player is Ja Morant.& I need to explain this further, so you really get it. The person writing this article— the one who contributed to giving my son life—grew up a Los Angeles Lakers fan, played for the Los Angeles Lakers and won an NBA Championship in 2000. Yet, my son is a Memphis Grizzlies fan.& & As I walked past my son on the steps a few weeks ago to plant myself on the couch and watch the NBA playoffs, I asked him, “Hey, you coming to watch the game?”& He looked at me with confusion and said, “Why? The Grizzlies are out. I don’t care anymore.”& & I’m trying to explain to you. My 9-year-old son’s favorite player is Ja Morant.& & Over the last few days since Morant’s latest incident flashing a gun on his own Instagram page, the go-to questions from “supporters” have been, “Well, is he licensed to carry?” “Was he in a state with open carry laws?”& & Truthfully, we may never get this information. But to this, I say, tomato, to-MA-to. Semantics. This is bigger than Morant exercising his gun rights as an...