My First Time: RZA Gets Real About His TV Debut On ‘Chappelle’s Show’

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Source: Stephen Lovekin / Getty & Among all the good things that 2003 gave us — solo Beyoncé, Tarantino’s Kill Bill, 50 Cent as a staff, record label and ‘MF’ crew — the year kicking off with the first season of Chappelle’s Show that went on to run over the span of three months and 12 episodes will forever go down as a game changer in the way we look at comedy. From slapstick and dark humor to redefining the genre of satire altogether, Dave Chappelle made a lasting imprint on pop culture with his fearless approach to delivering TV skits that were unfiltered, uncensored and fully unapologetic. Each episode of Chappelle’s Show ended with a musical guest that would occasionally get in on the jokes as well, one being RZA of the renowned hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. …who could forget “Wu-Tang Financial”?! & & RELATED: My First Time: Bobby V Remembers Getting ‘Pantsed’ By A Fan In this week’s “My First Time,” we got RZA himself to reflect back on his TV debut 20 years later and break down how it all managed to even come about. You might even be surprised at how much improvising was going on!...