‘My Heart is Troubled’: Jurors Selected for Murder Trial of Ex-Cop Who Killed Atatiana Jefferson. Not One Is Black.

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Jurors for the trial of the former Fort Worth police officer who killed Atatiana Jefferson have been selected, and not one of the persons on the jury is of African descent. Hundreds of potential jurors were interviewed, however, during the voir dire process, some flat-out said it would be impossible for them not to be biased, with a few saying they would never convict a member of law enforcement. Atatiana Jefferson, Aaron Dean. Photo: Forth Worth PD On Friday, Dec. 2, a Texas court announced a jury has been set for the trial of Aaron Dean, a white ex-Fort Worth police officer charged murder for fatally shooting a Black woman in her own home on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019, as she went to investigate noises police were making outside her window. The jury consists of eight men and six women, including two alternates. While the majority of those selected to serve on the case are white, a few identified as people of color. None of those selected from the pool of 200 potential jurors are Black. Selection of the jurors started on Monday, Nov. 28, and lasted for almost a week, according to ABC 8. The process...