NAACP: Black America’s Policy Recommendations for Biden Administration


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Photos: Joe Biden\YouTube Now that the Biden-Harris White House is taking over the reins of power, their agenda for Black America must be more fully scrutinized. The strong and early plan and commitment by the Biden administration to elevate racial justice as a top priority has sent a powerful message about its importance and centrality within this administration. Tags:& Black Star NewsBiden-Harris White Houseagenda for Black AmericaRacial JusticeCancel Student DebtFully Cover Unemployment InsuranceImplement Federal Minimum WageUniversal Paid Sick LeaveFunding for Minority-Serving CDFIs/MCDFIsMinority Business Contracting Requirement for Federal AgenciesRacist Housing PoliciesSupport Black WorkersRemove Police From SchoolsRestrict the Role of Law Enforcement in SchoolsBlack Entrepreneurs in the Green EconomyPromote Health EquityEquitable Vaccine DistributionHealth Care For AllCompassionate Release in Federal PrisonsAddress Racial Violence by PoliceTransform Federal JudiciaryCommunity Mental HealthReform Federal Prosecutorial StandardsEnhance voting rights