NAACP Denounces Brutal Police Beating of Homeless Black Man


by BA 70 Views

(Photos: Video Screenshots) San Diego Police shown above beating up homeless Black man allegedly for the crime of urinating while Black. Over the past several years, the violence---and racism---of American policing has been fully exposed by the ubiquity of videos illustrating police terrorism on display. In one of the latest outrages, the NAACP, in San Diego, sent a letter to David Nisleit, the chief of the San Diego Police, regarding a disturbing video showing a Black homeless man being brutalized by several police officers.The NAACP letter reads as follows:Dear Chief Nisleit:We have been made aware of a disturbing incident this morning involving the brutal handling of a member of our community. We are deeply saddened and angered to see the San Diego Police Department act with such violence against someone who presented no apparent risk to anyone.