NAREB Launches 60-City Building Black Wealth Tour Starting In Houston

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Photos: NAREB WASHINGTON – The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) holds its initial Building Black Wealth Tour event in Houston on Saturday, October 7, kicking off activities in more than 60 cities nationwide. The events, which include festive activities for youths, will empower Black communities with steps towards homeownership, property investment, starting a business, and other wealth-building opportunities.   Working with the African American Mayors Association and the National Bar Association, NAREB will sponsor the events in cities nationwide over the next two years. Each event will include classes, workshops, and one-on-one counseling on homebuying, investing, credit, and careers in real estate.  The tour will include Birmingham (11/11/23), Charlotte (3/2/24), Mt. Vernon (4/13/24), Little Rock 6/8/24), New Orleans (8/3/24), Atlanta (11/9/24), Miramar (3/25), Beverly Hills, MO (6/25) and Los Angeles (8/25). “The time for action on Black Wealth is now,” exclaimed NAREB President Dr. Courtney Johnson Rose. “NAREB is urging our Black communities to take the journey towards wealth. Come to our events in your city and learn what you need to purchase a home. We are helping Black families overcome the biased public policies and private practices that created the vast wealth gap in America today.”    Dr. Rose...