Navio: I’m the King of Hip Hop, Gravity Omutujju is the king of free tickets


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By BigEyeUg Team The Ugandan Hip Hop industry is back on fire again as its stakeholders are forcefully contesting for the top flight. If you can recall, last week it was a verbal war between rappers Gravity Omutujju and G.N.L Zamba, and before we could digest that, Navio is also in with refresh thumbs. Navio seems serious with his intention of taking on Gravity Omutujju as he questions his (Gravity’s) claims of being the best rapper in the country at the moment. Navio During his interview on NBS TV’s ‘Uncut’ show, Navio said Gravity is often stack in false confidence of topping the Hip hop genre in Uganda. The Nav Corp CEO said that Gravity’s career achievements as a rapper are extremely minimal compared to his and it will take him along journey to get there. “I have been where he has not been and I have been where he has been before. He still needs to work had to beat my achievement and experience in Hip hop,” Navio said. Navio noted how Gravity needs to bow down for G.N.L Zamba having been the sole proprietor of the Luga-flow style which he bosses with. He also revealed how Gravity has...